This website is about YOU! Seriously, we mean that. While searching for Real Estate Agents you will undoubtedly see what we call the “ME” style web-site and Agent. We all know this type of person and and can identify with the old joke “…. well I’ve talked about ME long enough…. so  what do you think of ME?”.

Real Estate is not a game to be played by Realtors to see who can sell the most houses, attract the most buyers and make the most money. This approach diminishes the human element from the equation by making each transaction a “deal” to get done, it excludes or minimizes the emotions from a life event where mistakes can be costly for years.

We believe a good sale and/or purchase should meet your financial goals plus also make you FEEL like the best has been done for you.

Whether you are buying or selling a home your success hinges upon the expert advice and services provided by your real estate agent or agents and their connection with you. We are full service Real Estate Agents and we will invest in you as you invest in us. We are committed to providing our clients with professional services based on our training, vast experience, knowledge and skills.

This  website is full with tips and resources to help you quickly understand what you need to know — and how we deliver the services designed to meet your needs.

If you are selling click here to learn more about the process and how to ensure your property sells quickly and for the highest price possible.

If you are buying click here to discover how to find your next dream home and get it, without overpaying.

We are the Realtors who specialize in this local market  and we have the reputation for putting you, our preferred client, first. Any time you want information on the market or are ready to buy or sell a property – contact us. There is no obligation.

We look forward to learning more about YOU and your needs and goals.

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Understanding The Types Of Markets

It’s a buyer’s market. It’s a seller’s market. You’ve probably heard these terms before. But what do they really mean when you’re considering buying or selling a home? A buyer’s market exists when the supply of homes in a particular market exceeds the demand. Since there are more homes for sale, ...

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The Three Most Important Rooms

When you prepare your house for sale, you want to make every room look stunning. But, for any number of reasons, that isn’t always possible. You may not have the time or resources to redecorate or “stage” your entire house. So if you have to choose just three rooms to ...

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Beware of Bargain Hunting

When shopping for anything — clothes, CD players, even homes — it’s natural to look for a bargain. We all want to pay the lowest price possible. However, this attitude can get in the way of finding, and getting, the home we want. In fact, many people miss great opportunities because ...

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Selling Your Home? Consider a Pre-Sale Inspection

A home inspection isn’t just useful when buying a home. It can be invaluable when selling one, too. How? A home inspection can detect previously unknown problems that you may wish to address before putting your house on the market. For example, let’s say an inspection reveals that there is a small crack ...

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What To Expect During a Home Inspection

A home inspection is a vital part of the buying process. It protects you from unknowingly purchasing a house that has serious deficiencies – and thereby turning what was initially a dream home into a nightmare. So what actually happens during a home inspection? Here are a few snapshots of what to ...

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Understanding The Psychology of Clutter

Read any Top 10 list of things to do to prepare your house for sale and “Get rid of the clutter” is sure to be on it. But how important is cleaning up really? Does your home have to look immaculate, like it’s been torn from the page of a decorating ...

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The Principles of Pricing Your Home

Wondering how much your house would sell for in today’s market? To find out, you’ll need answers to these three questions: How much have similar houses in your community sold for recently? Review sales in your area over the past six months as well as homes currently listed. This information will give you ...

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5 Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Home Inspector

Hiring the right home inspector is important. After all, you want the inspection to leave no stone unturned when determining the condition of the house you are considering purchasing. Unfortunately, the professionalism and range of services vary widely in the home inspection industry. So it pays to ask the right questions before you ...

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It’s the Little Things That Boost Curb Appeal

“Curb appeal”. You’ve probably heard that term used before. It refers to how valuable and enticing your house looks from the outside, typically from the perspective of a potential buyer “standing on the curb”. Many people focus on preparing the inside of their house for sale, and neglect preparing the outside. ...

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Timing the Market. Should you?

Is there a perfect time to sell your house? The short answer is: Whenever you’re ready. Market “timing” isn’t the only factor that influences how quickly your house will sell or for how much. The preparations you make before listing your house on the market will also have a big impact on ...

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